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Monday, August 3, 2020

Archive for the 'Content Marketing Trends' Category

Forbes shares six content marketing trends for 2019

In a very short span of time content marketing has been a part of most organizations’ promotional strategies. It keeps evolving with a variety of tools.The Forbes Agency Council’s Peter Boyd has shared six content marketing trends for 2019.Boyd says, “Content marketing is one of the most rapidly changing areas in any industry. As such, it’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest content marketing trends if you’re looking to stay competitive in the marketplace.So, here are six big trends I anticipate for 2019 and how to embrace them:1. Long-Form ContentLong-form... [...]

Forbes shares three content marketing trends for 2018

Forbes contributor Brian Sutter has shared three content marketing trends that will rule 2018.Sutter says, “Welcome to the spring of another year. And with the same predictability of shorts and t-shirts, the “Trends for 2018” are being established.Every industry and niche will publish a few of these pieces outlining trends. Some industries – like content marketing – will publish several dozen “Trends for 2018” round-ups.This is all well and good, of course. I don’t mean to bash an article format that almost always gets clicks and shares. But it’s an odd commentary and... [...]

Trends that will transform 2018 content marketing

Content marketing is a valuable asset for all the marketers as it helps them connect with the customers and also to promote their brand in various ways.Econsultancy columnist Jeff Rajeck has shared three trends that will transform 2018 content marketing arena.Rajeck says, “Econsultancy recently invited dozens of brand marketers to Digital Cream Singapore to discuss this and other topics at hosted roundtables. The table dedicated to content marketing was hosted by Eu Gene Ang, Lead Trainer, Asia, Econsultancy and below are summaries of the top three trends discussed on the day.1) The hyper-personalisation... [...]

Entrepreneur Mag shares content marketing you should follow

Content Marketing is one of the most prevalent forms of marketing that has been adopted by most marketers globally. To help such marketers enhance their marketing efforts, Entrepreneur contributor Susan Gunelius has shared 12 content marketing trends.Gunelius says, “Here are 12 content marketing trends that I believe are most important for you to follow in the coming year to ensure your content investments are delivering adequate returns for your business in the long-term.1. Embrace machine learningMachine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It involves the use of computer... [...]

Seven things you should know about content marketing

According to a Content Marketing Institute research, 92% organizations views content as a business asset. And a Curata study has revealed that 29% marketers systematically reuse and repurpose content.Content marketing seen as one of the most useful forms of marketing and marketers need to pay consistent attention to this form. Forbes contributor John Hall has shared seven things that one should know about content marketing.Hall says, “Content marketing as we know it today looks a lot different from how it used to look. The ever-expanding list of new tactics, trends, data, and content... [...]

CMI shares five content marketing trends for 2018

Content Marketing keeps evolving. With every new product launch and the features added to different social networks marketers have to change their content strategy to match with the new requirements.Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi has shared five content marketing trends to watch in 2018.Pulizzi says, “About 12 months ago, I covered some content marketing trendsto watch for 2017. I recently reread that post and most of the trends are very much in play for 2018 and beyond. Most enterprises are still working through creation of a true, living content marketing strategy for... [...]