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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Archive for the ‘ Content Marketing Strategy ’ Category

Improve your marketing by observing these brand strategies

In marketing, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. It is an experimental process that leads to success and failures. You would agree that following the set examples of brands can help you design successful campaigns. Learning from these brands can get you success in your marketing endeavours. Entrepreneur contributor Jim Joseph has shared […]

Short guide to craft your content marketing strategy

According to a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) research, 62% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy and 72% of content marketers who increased their level of success over the past year credit their strategy as a major contributor. CMI contributor Jodi Harris has shared a short guide to creating an effective content marketing […]

Research: Content on the priority list of 45% marketers

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has discussed the findings from the company’s Digital Trends 2018 report published in association with Adobe. The report states that 45% companies cite content and experience management as their top priority. Also the top-performing companies are 50% more likely than their peers to have well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication and a seamless […]

Content Marketing Institute’s ‘2018 Content Marketing Toolkit’

The Content Marketing Institute has released the ‘2018 Content Marketing Toolkit’. This toolkit comprises of tips, templates and checklist to execute content marketing campaigns. Jodi Harris says, “Ready or not, 2018 is on its way. If you happened to catch our collection of content marketing predictions for the upcoming year, you may think you’re in for a […]

Six steps to create an effective content strategy

Content marketing is helpful in building brand awareness, trust and loyalty among your customer base. It helps you strengthen you increase traffic and conversions too. An effective content marketing strategy leads to online success for your brand and products. Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared six steps to build an effective content strategy. On defining […]

Four ways to create an effective content strategy

Content plays a crucial role in forming and executing your marketing strategy. Whether you use blogs or social network to reach out your prospects, creative content remains at the center. HubSpot columnist John Hall has shared four ways to design an effective content creation and marketing strategy. On documenting a content strategy, Hall says, “While […]

‘Developing Content Marketing IQ Amongst Your Team’ Webinar 2.00 pm EDT

Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar on ‘Developing Content Marketing IQ Amongst Your Team’ on Tuesday, September 19 at 2.00 pm EDT. The webinar will answer the question: “how do I scale my content marketing efforts beyond the few people who focus on it?”. Webinar Speaker Peg Miller, Co-Founder, B2B Marketing Academy Robert Rose, […]

Six content marketing questions answered

Content marketing is evolving fast with the newly incorporated mediums such as infographics, videos and more. It requires persistent efforts with detailed research to set and achieve your content marketing goals. To help content marketers understand how to improve their marketing efforts, CMI’s Cameron Conaway has interviewed social media strategist Jeremy Goldman and has shared the […]

Strengthen your content marketing through guest blogging

Guest blogging is a way to offering content to third party websites with the objective of promoting your own products and services. In 2016, Content Marketing Institute;s guest articles helped it grow its organic search and referral traffic. CMI columnist Kelsey Meyer has published an article on improving a content marketing strategy using guest blogging. She […]

HubSpot’s guide to developing a content strategy

An effective content development and marketing strategy can result into improved sales and revenue. HubSpot columnist Justin McGill has published a short guide to developing a content strategy. McGill says, “Content marketing helps businesses prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads. Think about it — if you can create […]