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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Category Name: Content Marketing Tips

CMI Shares 8 Tips to Survive Content Marketing During Pandemic

The COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for businesses across the globe. To survive and start growing again, you need to plan carefully and act quickly.Content Marketing Institute‘s Joe Pulizzi has shared eight tips to help you keep your content marketing growing during this pandemic.Pulizzi says, “Let’s get started. If there was ever a time to build and grow an audience, it’s right now.Here are eight things content marketers need to do now during this crisis.1. Take a fresh look at your goalsLike it or not, you need to make changes to your content marketing strategy.... (Read More ...)

Five Ways to Improve Your Content Rankings

Quality content helps you to achieve higher search engine rank and improve your website traffic. To improve your content you need to regularly assess it for improvement.Searchmetrics contributor Jan Grundmann has shared five ways to help you improve your content optimization efforts.Grundmann says, “The starting point of content optimization is to regularly check whether your content needs updating. To do this, you can audit your rankings and content either manually or with the help of a software solution. Points to check include the following:Competitor Analysis: Has your... (Read More ...)

Increase Your Traffic with These Content Tips

Quality content helps you to keep your rankings higher and attract more web traffic. By instilling right keywords and addressing your audience interests you can create great content.Backlinko‘s Brian Dean has shared 17 tips to create content that helps you to get more website traffic.Dean says, “So if you want more traffic from every piece of content that you publish, you’ll love this list of tips, techniques and strategies.Let’s get started.1. Publish “X vs. Y” Posts2. Link to Social Profiles in Outreach Emails3. Use The Animalz Revive Tool4.... (Read More ...)

Content Marketing Strategy to Adopt During COVID-19

Your content gives you the power to win more customers. During the unexpected situations like coronavirus outbreak you need a content marketing strategy that helps you to stay connected with your audience.State of Digital contributor Helen Brooks has shared three content marketing tips to following during the COVID-19 pandemic.Brooks says, “From new algorithms to legislative updates, there’s no denying that digital marketing is a fast-paced industry. Navigating these turbulent, unending waves of change is a challenge for all marketers, but especially for content creators. Content... (Read More ...)

Lead Generation Metrics to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

Data collection and measurement can help you to improve your content marketing performance. With correct analysis of the data you can improve your content marketing performance. Databox contributor Elise Dopson has shared an article highlighting 13 lead generation metrics you should measure to improve your content marketing ROI. Dopson says, “We’ve already discovered that marketers find it difficult to track the ROI of their content strategy.While increases in organic traffic are great, the way you truly connect the dots for reporting on the ROI of your content marketing... (Read More ...)

Content Expansion: From Prompt to Paragraph to Published Page [Video]

By publishing a variety of content you can expand the reach of your business and get more customers. Also, as you create more content, you can increase website traffic from search engines. MOZ team has published Friday Whiteboard video on ‘Content Expansion: From Prompt to Paragraph to Published Page’ featuring Russ Jones.MOZ team says, “We’ve all been there. You’re the SEO on point for a project, and you’re also the one tasked with getting great content written well and quickly. And if you don’t have an expert at your disposal, great content... (Read More ...)

Create Better Content with This Six-Step Guide

Quality content enables you to attract more people and grow your business. You need a clear strategy to regularly create content that keeps getting more readers who could be your prospective customers. Builtvisible contributor Emily Clayfield has shared six steps to help you create a successful content marketing strategy.Clayfield says, “A Content Strategy is a plan designed to help your brand achieve a long-term goal. To be successful, every strategy needs to do three things:Understand the nature of the challenge you faceEstablish how you can approach it bestBuild a specific... (Read More ...)

Eight Steps to Create Effective SEO Content

SEO content is that content created to rank in search engines like Google. It helps you to build your online reputation and grow business. Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has shared an eight-step guide to help you create great SEO content. Hardwick says, “No matter what your business does, you can only get so much organic traffic to your “money pages.”For example, we have five landing pages—one for each of our main SEO tools:In total, these pages get around 25,000 monthly visits from organic search, and we rank in the top five for all of our main... (Read More ...)

Strategies to Create Winning Content

When it comes to content creation, you need to keep in mind elements like SEO, audience interests etc. By addressing these two wisely, you can have more people visiting your websites. Koozai contributor Stacey Parsons has shared nine ways to help you in creating content that helps you to get more prospects and customers. Parsons says, “lready aware of how awesome content marketing is? That’s what we like to hear! So, without any further ado, here are our top 9 tips to help you create a kick-ass content strategy that will get results for your business…1. Set your goalsThis... (Read More ...)

Five Things You Should Know about Online Publishing

By publishing quality content online you can create an online following for your business and promote your products and services using the content you create. But it is important to know the regulations that prevail on online publishing. Dixon Jones has five important content publishing points that marketers should know. Jones says, “Publishing web content can mean publishing blog content, whole books in email form or multimedia files such as movies or music. Compared to traditional publishing it is very easy to do. The challenge is that there are many laws and problems that... (Read More ...)

Creating a Media List for Your Content Promotion

Content promotion is an important element in your content marketing strategy. By choosing the right medium to enhance your online reach you can give visibility to your content. Portent’s Stella Murphy has shared an article highlighting the process to creating a good media list for promoting your content.Murphy says, “Your media lists should be targeted and specific. You’re trying to reach people who will share and link to your content, and they’ll only do that if your content is relevant to them in some way. Media lists should always target relevant contacts. When they... (Read More ...)

Create Better Content Using Video Data [White Paper]

Content creation should involve an in-depth research that helps you to identify what is in demand. Analyzing your prospects and customers’ content consumption habits you can move on to create the content people want. Target Marketing team has published a new white paper ‘Create Better Content Using Video Data’ to help you create right content.TM team says, “If you’re a small business, you have to work extra hard to get people to take notice of you, and you probably don’t have fancy budget or big advertising agencies to help you. But that’s okay. If you’re... (Read More ...)