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Friday, November 25, 2022

Archive for the 'Banner Advertising' Category

Ad ReSpark: Software Every Small Online Business Needs #ad

Devin Zander and David Abrams describe their new small business marketing tool, Ad ReSpark, as “the must have tool for ad creation”. Why is that? Well, when it comes to creating ads, small businesses just don’t have a lot of choices. They don’t usually have a lot of money to spend on experiments or an in-house design expert to create professional graphics or even a copywriter to produce expert ad content. The only choice, usually, is to hire a professional, but that would eat into the budget, and the business wouldn’t be able to run their ad as often. Ad ReSpark was... [...]

Unique Ad Rotator: Automatically change the ads shown on your site #ad

Frank haywood has been building WordPress plugins for years. IM NewsWatch has been following him for years. He listens to his clients, and he always prices his plugins at a reasonable level. His latest, Unique Ad Rotator, will improve ad visibility on your site, giving you a chance for more revenue. Even the billboards along highways are now doing ad transitions. If you are stopped at a light, you may see 3 or 4 ads in the same space. With Haywood’s new plugin, you can do the same on your WordPress site. And you have flexibility in how the transitions occur. In fact, there are 20 styles... [...]

WP CoolBar: builds traffic, click-throughs, and subscribers #ad

Andrey Bump developed WP CoolBar to improve his own marketing results. He specializes in list building and CPA marketing. This is a plugin that gets people’s attention and gets them to view whatever content you choose. For example, you can use it: • To promote a giveaway to any visitorson your entire site, or just to visitors of a particular page • To build your list with an opt-in form • Promote affiliate products • To encourage your visitors to check out a particular feature or section of your site • Many other uses. If you want to get your visitor’s attention... [...]

WP Bullseye customizes your site content based on visitor location #ad

If you want your site’s visitors from Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys name in your banner while People from Miami see the Dolphins and people in New York see the Jets, check out WP Bullseye Pro. Now you can add location customization to any of your banners. This has a subtle influence on visitor behavior. They see you as more attuned to their specific needs and respond more favorably. This new plugin will add custom text to a banner based on location, at the city level, the state level or the country level. This plugin connects to available commercial services that offer IP-based location... [...]