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Monday, December 5, 2022

Archive for the 'B2B Lead Generation' Category

Improve B2B Marketing Funnel with These Lead Gen Tools

A B2B marketing funnel is a blueprint that shows businesses how their customers interact with their brand from the first encounter. MarketingProfs contributor Benjamin Boman has published an article featuring six lead generation tools to improve ROI on your B2B marketing funnel. He says, ” Considering that the economic climate looks set for an even more challenging period ahead, you may want to start reviewing your current marketing stack to ensure your budget is spent as effectively as possible. One concrete way to do so is to see how you can reduce the amount of waste of potential leads... [...]

ConvertLead automates on-boarding, managing your leads #ad

ConvertLead has just been released. The launch pricing on the “founders edition” is only available this week. You may need it if: • You pay for leads via social ads (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram). • You pay for leads via search (Google, Yahoo, etc…). • You have any type of opt-in on your website. • You offer free trials. • Actually, if you are generating leads of any kind. If you do, automating the funneling of your leads into your sales process can help you. ConvertLead is a lead management platform that was built for how leads are supposed... [...]

[Early-Bird] LeadValet finds done-for-you leads in any niche #ad

  Do you sell marketing services to other businesses? LeadValet gives you all the targeted business leads you can ever use, in any niche you choose. These are real buyer leads. Joshua Zamora, the creator, says it is the best, done-for-you lead-gen app on the market because it bypasses the gatekeeper and puts you directly in touch with the decision maker. With LeadValet, you get full access to all the clients you’d ever need at the push of a button. Now, you can take advantage of: ❌ Not having to “scrape” for unreliable leads that everyone else has access to. ❌... [...]

LSA Agency: Sell phone leads to local businesses #ad

Every business needs leads, people who are looking for the products and services they offer. The COVID-19 pandemic makes this need even greater, as businesses are shutting down for lack of customers. Today, Victory Akpos releases new software, LSA Agency, to make is possible for you to gather leads that local businesses are hungry for. Your marketing consulting business may grow as more and more businesses come to you fr leads. These leads are not just any leads; not the kind you get by copying from a phonebook or Chamber of Commerce directory. No, you can offer “ready to buy” leads... [...]

Three lead nurturing strategies to grow your business

Lead generation is on the priority list of all marketers as it lies at the bottom of your organizational success. Marketing Land columnist Natasha Humphrey has shared three lead nurturing strategies to apply in 2018. Humphrey says, “The New Year is about resolving to make improvements in life and in business. Improving lead quality is one of the biggest challenges for any business-to-business (B2B) lead generation program. Here are my top three lead nurturing strategies for the new year. 1.  Improve sales and marketing alignment We all know how long the B2B sales cycle can... [...]

Entrepreneur Mag shares 10 lead sources for B2B marketers

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Aaron Agius has shared ten unexpected lead sources for the B2B marketers. Agius says, “While much has been written about conventional methods for finding B2B leads, you can often improve your results by thinking outside of the box. Here are 10 unexpected lead sources for B2B marketers. 1. Quora. Quora is a community run question-and-answer site where you can share insights with other experts and enthusiasts within your niche. Whether you want to talk about bodybuilding, gardening or marketing, you’ll find plenty of... [...]

4 Ways to Generate B2B Leads with LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail service provides marketers an opportunity to send targeted messages directly to the people who matter most to your business. Marketing Land columnist Garrett Mehrguth has shared four ways that can help you benefit your B2B organization and drive more leads with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail. Focusing on ‘Targeting for Sponsored InMail’, Mehrguth says, “LinkedIn offers a wide variety of targeting for Sponsored InMail: audience targeting based on pages visited, list-based targeting directly from your CRM (customer relationship management platform)... [...]

‘Track, qualify & convert your leads using call and SMS data’ Webinar, May 18

Digital Marketing Depo is hosting a webinar on ‘Track, qualify & convert your leads using call and SMS data’ on Thursday, May 18 at 1.00 pm EDT. This webinar will help marketers explore trends driving inbound calls, and how they can leverage them to ramp up multichannel campaign results. Digital Marketing Depo team says, “New marketing technologies are making it faster and easier for customers to reach your business over the phone. Voice search now accounts for 20% of queries on Google’s mobile app and Android devices. Inbound call volume is continuing... [...]

‘The Top Digital Channels for Generating B2B Leads’ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “B2B marketers say email, organic search, whitepapers, webinars, and LinkedIn are the most effective digital channels/tactics for generating leads, according to recent research from DemandWave. The report was based on data from a survey conducted in November and December 2016 of 179 B2B marketers in the United States. Respondents work for firms in a range of industries, with the largest share coming from the software (39%) and business services (17%) verticals. The most applied digital channels by B2B marketers are social media (95%), email (93%), and organic search... [...]