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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Archive for the 'B2B Influencer Marketing' Category

How to jumpstart a b2b influencer marketing program [webinar replay]

Influencer marketing has been an integral part of today’s branding and sales strategy. Understanding it rightly and doing it responsibly can help you to achieve great results. The Content Marketing Institute team has made available the replay of its recently held webinar ‘How to jumpstart a b2b influencer marketing program’. Listen to this webinar and learn: Tips on finding your best influencers How to optimize a pilot Influencer engagement models that work Top tools and measurement practices. Visit the following page to access webinar replay. How to jumpstart a b2b influencer... [...]

Strategies to strengthen your B2B influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a popular form for the marketers due to its facets like quicker results and affordability. In B2B marketing too, influencer marketing is adopted. Small Business Trends columnist Annie Pilon has shared eight strategies to help marketers set their goals and budgets. Pilon says, “Odden shared some tips and insights for B2B businesses in a recent phone interview with Small Business Trends. Here are some key takeaways about B2B influencer marketing for small businesses. Don’t Treat it Like B2C Influencer Marketing When you think of influencer marketing, you probably... [...]

Improve your B2B influencer marketing with these tips

Influencer marketing is also being practiced into B2B marketing today. Since it has become one of the most affordable means of reaching out a huge audience, it is adopted everywhere. Econsultancy writer Maz Nadjm has shared five steps to build successful B2B influencer marketing. Nadjm says, “While engaging with influencers may seem like a daunting task, the following five steps can help you get started, regardless of what your budget is: 1. Build the story you want to tell To leverage the power of your influencers, the first thing you need to do is to build your own values and messages.... [...]