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Friday, July 23, 2021

Archive for the 'Audience Engagement Tips' Category

Five Ways to Engage Your Audience after Holidays

Audience engagement is one of the most important ways to grow your online sales. You can reach out your audience using the social media platforms and other marketing tools. Google’s Daryna Chushko has shared five ways to keep your audience engaged post holidays. Chushko says, “Congrats on completing the marathon. What happens now?  You might notice a drop in your RPMs and impressions. Don’t panic, it’s ok. You didn’t do anything wrong it’s the January blues. Remember that RPMs and internet traffic drive spikes but can also drive drops. As internet traffic decreases... [...]

Improve your engagement rate with these strategies

Audience engagement is the most desirable thing weather you are into ecommerce or direct marketing. Wit right engagement tricks we need to get the visitor attention so that there remains the further scope for the sales process. The Content Marketing Institute columnist Andrew Davis has shares an useful article on improving the engagement rate. Davis says, “Some consider engagement to be the number of shares a piece of content receives. Others believe engagement is the number of visitors to a blog post or the number of views a video receives. Still others claim they measure engagement by... [...]

Learn how to use YouTube for expanding audience reach

YouTube is a powerful platform to establish your brand identity. With video you can make your appeal persuading and have a long lasting impact on the viewers. Entrepreneur contributor Jason R. Rich has shared six ways to help marketers improve their audience reach using YouTube. Rich says, “Take a look at the following six ideas for using YouTube as part of your overall online business and marketing strategy. 1. Showcase customer testimonials If you’ve been in business for a while and have earned the respect of many loyal customers or clients, using a YouTube video to showcase some... [...]

Three tips to engage with customers after checkout

Constant communication with the prospects and customers is a key to build a strong and successful brand. We need to make sure that this process does not end at checkout as it is the ultimate point from where the customer service begins. Marketing Land columnist Davor Sutija has shared three tips to help brands engage with customers after checkout. Sutija says, “We’ve established that, beyond physical products, today’s consumers want experiences when they shop. That’s why much of the current industry conversation around the “retail apocalypse” and how to get consumers into the... [...]

3 Great Tips to Engage Your Audience and Build Your Brand With Content Marketing (Video)

The Entrepreneur team has published a video on ‘3 Great Tips to Engage Your Audience and Build Your Brand With Content Marketing’. Entrepreneur team says, “In this video, Entrepreneur Network partners Jason Balin and Chris Haddon break down three great ways to use content marketing to engage your audience and build your brand. The first way is by pulling back the curtain and giving your audience an honest look at what goes on behind the scenes. Content marketing is all about presenting yourself in the very best light — you control the narrative and let people see what you... [...]