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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Archive for the 'Amazon' Category

Power Publishing Bundle makes low-content books to sell on Amazon #ad

You may have heard of low-content books. They are books that you write very few words for. At first, that may seem strange, but every year, people buy hundreds of thousands of them. Examples include calendars, diaries, and journals. Other examples include coloring books and puzzle books. Considering how many kinds of low-content books there are and how they become woven into people’s lives, it’s no wonder that they are popular. is a platform where authors sell their low-content books, just as they do content-rich books. In particular, Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly known... [...]

Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads? [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published the new episode of the In Search SEO Podcast titled ‘Is Amazon Targeting SMBs with Search Ads?’ featuring Jason Dodge. Mordy Oberstein says, “Jason Dodge joins the podcast to share his discovery around Amazon’s use of Search Ads to compete with SMBs: How Amazon might be leveraging Search Ads to compete with local suppliers in unexpected ways What Amazon’s paid search strategy implies about the overall direction of the platform How Amazon’s use of search ads might impact competitor’s ad budgets negatively “. Is Amazon Targeting... [...]

Black Friday Deals for Online Marketers #ad

Not all Black Friday and other holiday specials are for mobile phones and TVs. Some are for various tools you can use to build your business. Here are some Amazon offers we found that you may want to consider for your own business. They may help make 2021 a better year for you. We will have additional offers from other companies tomorrow. Bwfore looking at the product offerings, Amazon is offering you a free Amazon Business account. It has advantages over the personal account you probably have been using. Check it out here: Create an Amazon Business Account Now to the products that are on sale. Software Adobe... [...]

Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy [Video]

When it comes to selling online, Amazon has been leading as a key driving force. Millions of sellers are using this e-commerce platform for their business. Entrepreneur contributor James McKinney has published a new video ‘Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy’ featuring Ju Rhyu. McKinney says, “Ju Rhyu, co-founder of Hero Cosmetics, was a guest at the most recent Startup Story Live, an extension of the hit podcast The Startup Story that gives everyone in attendance direct access to founders. The two-day live stream event, which streamed to 77 different countries,... [...]

SEO for Amazon & the Future of Non-Traditional Search

Conductor Blog contributor AJ Kieffer has published a new article titled ‘SEO for Amazon & the Future of Non-Traditional Search’. In this article, Kieffer highlights how Amazon is rising as the go-to search engine for product searches and how it is gaining on Google in search. He says, “Will Amazon replace Google as the go-to search engine? Not yet. But the e-tailing giant has seen a dramatic rise in search volume in recent years. In 2015, Google accounted for 54 percent of product-focused searches, compared with 46 percent on Amazon. By 2018, customer behavior evolved and... [...]

Amazon Advertising Mistakes You Need to Avoid

By advertising on Amazon you can improve your online sales by promoting your products to the people interested in buying them. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of Amazon advertising you can make most from your investment. Search Engine Journal’s Robyn Johnson has shared 11 Amazon advertising mistakes you should avoid. Johnson says, “We looked at some recent audits we have done for clients and polled other marketers managing ads on Amazon for third parties to see what mistakes they have noticed working with clients. Mistake 1: Treating Amazon Like Google When... [...]

Here’s Your Guide to Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers a great way to the businesses in the form of its advertising products. You can publish your products ads on the e-commerce portal and boost your sales. To help you correctly utilize the Amazon ad services, Seer Interactive contributor Dara Daly has published a guide to Amazon advertising. Daly says, “Want to increase your sales from Amazon in 2020? Make Amazon advertising a part of your strategy! Amazon Expands Advertising Options with New Betas Since ads were first introduced on Amazon in 2008 with Sponsored Products, ad options have grown to include Sponsored... [...]

The Ins and Outs of Amazon Advertising [Podcast]

Amazon Advertising, launched in 2018, is a search advertising solution for Amazon vendors. It is similar to pay-per-click ads on Google. Here, sellers only pay when shoppers click on ads. With a carefully designed advertisements you can make more sales on Amazon. MarketingProfs contributor Kerry O’Shea Gorgone has published a new podcast episode ‘The Ins and Outs of Amazon Advertising (And Why You Should Try It)’ featuring Timothy Seward. Gorgone says, “E-commerce giant Amazon has opened up its platform for advertising, and innovative brands are there for it. The... [...]

Everything You Should Know About Amazon’s Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon launched Sponsored Display advertising options in September 2019. With this option you create display campaigns in minutes with a budget of any size and reach the right audience for your business both on and off Amazon. Merkle’s Melissa Reilly has published a detailed article on Sponsored Display ads. Reilly says, “There are a few key differences that separate Sponsored Display from advertising on the DSP: Cost model: Sponsored Display is charged on a cost-per-click basis while the DSP charges on a CPM model. Creative: Ad creative on Sponsored Display can not be customized... [...]

Things to know about Amazon advertising

Today we have multiple ways to reach our prospects and convert them. When it comes to advertising, again there are several platforms. One such proven system is Amazon advertising which allows you to promote your products on the Amazon network. The Marketing Insider contributor Michael Cohen has shared an article highlighting the worth of Amazon ads. Cohen says, “Amazon is ubiquitous, having become the comparison-shopping engine of choice for consumers. It is the world’s most valuable brand, according to Kantar, and was cited by eMarketer... [...]