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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Archive for the 'AdWords' Category

All Four Training Resources from Ezra Firestone and Ryan Deiss #ad

All the training documents on physical product marketing have been released now. Here is where you can get them: Brown Box Formula: Brown Box Report : Brown Box Formula: Brown Box Report Brown Box Formula: CRYSTL Software : Get CRYSTL Software Brown Box Formula: Market Checklist Market Checklist Brown Box Formula: Wholesale Only Report Get Wholesale Only Report They are all free, but they will be available for a limited time, so don’t wait. As mentioned yesterday, they are giving away this helpful information to show you their expertise, so that when... [...]

“Instant Buyer Traffic Formula” for traffic that leads to success #ad

Dylan Just gets profitable traffic from Adwords, has been doing it for over 3 years, and does it in only 5 hours a week. Now, he shares his successful method in Instant Buyer Traffic Formula. You may have tried Adwords and may have gotten some traffic from it. But it’s not enough to get traffic. It must be “buyer traffic.” Unless the visitor buys your offer, those clicks you paid for are wasted. So Instant Buyer Traffic Formula shows you how to find people who are good candidates to buy, attract them to your site and present your offer to them persuasively. If you handle your... [...]

An Instant Buyer Traffic Formula that even beginners can use #ad

Traffic to your sales pages is good, but only if the visitors turn out to be buyers. A good way to assure that they are buyers is to know what terms buyers use when searching, different from those used by general searchers. Then target those keywords with Pay per Click. That’s where Instant Buyer Traffic Formula excels. It shows you: • How to find buyer keywords • Effective (and cost-effective) settings for an Adwords campaign targeting these keywords • How to write persuasive copy for your Adwords ads The course is in depth and is presented in PDF guides and videos. Please... [...]

Instant Buyer Traffic Formula: getting the right people to see your ads #ad

Dylan Just was once starved for traffic like many other online marketers are. Through long trial-and-error experimentation, he found a way to bring targeted traffic to his site, traffic that largely consisted of buyers, so it was profitable traffic. He shares his findings in Instant Buyer Traffic Formula. In it he explains his three step process that has made a comfortable income for him: 1. How to find the keywords that attract buyers 2. How to set up a campaign that will appeal to potential buyers 3. How to write sales copy that will convert visitors into sales Dylan says that these three steps... [...]