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Friday, June 18, 2021

Archive for the 'Ad copy improvement tips' Category

How to Reduce Ad Copy Mistakes

An effective ad copy helps you to influence more people and persuade them to make a purchase. To achieve best results from your ads, you need to avoid mistakes that may harm your business. PPC Hero‘s Diane Chelius has shared an article on reducing  ad copy mistakes with ad content calendars. Chelius says, “In this blog, I will describe one situation, pre and post ad content calendars, and how the additional coordination across teams has helped get quality ads implemented and refreshed consistently in a Google Ads account. Content Calendars For Education Advertisers A brand I work... [...]

Step-by-Step Guide to Modern Video Marketing #ad

If you are seeking a clear introduction to how to take advantage of video in your marketing, take a look at Successful Online Video Marketing. This fresh guide introduces even the newest beginner to the processes involved in adding video marketing to your marketing tools. In Successful Online Video Marketing, you will find: ► An introduction to effective video marketing in a nutshell ► Effective video marketing in detail ► How to let your competitors do your video marketing homework for you ► How to use the various types of Video Marketing ► Article-to-Video Marketing: An easy way to... [...]

Improve your writing with free tools

I am frequently dismayed by the poor writing in the promotional emails I receive. There are a lot of grammar errors and misspellings. There are also sentences that don’t make sense. I have wondered if there would be a market for having sales pages, emails, etc. reviewed for good English prior to release. The errors I see reduce a reader’s confidence in the ability of a seller to deliver quality products, so cleaning up the English should pay for itself in improved sales. You may not have to hire someone to clean up your poor writing, though. There are tools that will improve your writing,... [...]

Increase Conversions with these 5 Ad Copy Improvement Tips

An effective ad copy helps marketers make most out of their investment in the advertising. In the world of Internet, ad copy plays a vital role to persuade people to take action. Search Engine Land columnist Mona Elesseily has shred five tips to improve ad copy and boost conversions. Elesseily has focused on reducing buyer anxiety, reducing buyer friction, creating contrast, providing incentives and using right words to grab attention and inspire action. On reducing buyer anxiety, Elesseily says, “Many people feel anxious about making purchases online. Try to incorporate elements that make... [...]