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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Latest News

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SOAP Web Service for MSN

Developers can login via Passport and sign up for an Application ID and access the MSN Search engine via a new API called the SOAP Web Service. [Read more]  [Read more]

Google to Acquire Baidu?

Red Herring says Google’s secondary offering late Wednesday raised $4.18 billion, cash likely to be used for buying off Baidu, the Chinese Search Engine. [Read more]  [Read more]

ASAP Multimedia Service to be Launched

The Associated Press is going to launch a “younger audience service,” called asap that will offer articles and “experiences” in multimedia formats. [Read more]  [Read more]

Yahoo Media Group: TV Like Programs

Yahoo will start on September 26, its version of the future of news broadcasting through the newly formed Yahoo Media division. [Read more]  [Read more]

Web Consultant: Using Meta Keyword Tag Risky

Richard Ball, web consultant says meta keyword tags are not useful for Search Engine Optimization and is risky to reveal the keywords to competitors. [Read more]  [Read more]

Jim Edwards and Mike Stewart: Creating An Online TV Station

Jim Edwards and Mike Stewart to host free seminar on “How to Create Your Own Online ‘TV Station.'” [Read more]  [Read more]

World Internet Summit To Reveal Online Marketing Lies

Live Webcast from the World Internet Summit in Los Angeles claims to uncover “The Biggest Lie About Internet Marketing.” [Read more]  [Read more]

Dr. Joe Vitale Re-Opens Mentoring Groups

Dr. Joe Vitale has re-opened applications for his “Online Marketing and Executive Mentoring Program.” [Read more]  [Read more]

Jim Edwards “Sidelined”

Professial online marketer Jim Edwards will be “off the road” for at least a month. [Read more]  [Read more]

Shelley Lowery’s Latest Etips: Article Profits

The latest issue of Shelley Lowrey’s Etips Newsletter features a new article on profiting with articles. [Read more]  [Read more]

Japan Phisher Gets Suspended Sentence

Kazuma Yabano, a Japan Phisher who created Yahoo! Japan site, gets suspended sentence and if he stays out of trouble for four years, his 22 month prison sentence will simply go away. [Read more]  [Read more]

Ewen Chia’s New Free Service

Professional marketer Ewen Chia has created a new free service for protecting and shortening affiliate links. [Read more]  [Read more]