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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Latest News

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Edwards’ Blog Post: Super Big, Lots of Good Stuff Update!

Jim Edwards’ latest blog post titled “Super Big, Lots of Good Stuff Update” announces future events such as a site launch on June 6 and “The Jim Boat” on December 4-9. [Read more]  [Read more]

Jim Edwards’ Article: Fraud-Proof Your Online Business

Read Jim Edwards’ article on “Fraud-Proof Your Online Business”. [Read more]  [Read more]

Burns ‘Source Code GoldMine v2’ Price Going up on May 13

Jeremy Burn’s “Source Code Gold Mine v2” price will go up to $297 on Saturday, May 13. Burns’s offer of source code and private label rights to a package of ebooks and software is available at $197 until May 12. [Read more]  [Read more]

‘Focus on Success Journal’ May Issue 18 Released

Ann Rusnak has released ‘Focus on Success Journal’ May 9, issue 18. Rusnak’s featured article titled “Tackling the Clutter Monster” is reprinted here. [Read more]  [Read more]

aQuantive Announces Q1 Financial Results

aQuantive has announced the financial results for the first quarter of 2006. Revenues for the first quarter of 2006 were $92.2 million, a 42% increase compared to the first quarter of 2005. [Read more]  [Read more]

Microsoft Publicly Launches Windows Live Messenger Beta

Microsoft has publicly launched Windows Live Messenger Beta. Previously, the service was available only through invitations. [Read more]  [Read more]

ValueClick Announces Q1 Financial Results

ValueClick has announced the financial results for the first quarter of 2006. Revenues for the first quarter were $117.3 million. [Read more]  [Read more]

Goodmail Partners with 15 ESPs

Goodmail Systems has partnered with 15 email service providers for its CertifiedEmail service. The 15 ESPs include Acxiom Digital, BlueStreak, e-Dialog, and Epsilon Interactive. [Read more]  [Read more]

The ‘Auction Resource Network’ Newsletter Issue 12 Released

Jason James’ has released the “Auction Resource Network” newsletter May 8, issue 12. “How to Set Yourself Apart From Other Affiliates” is the featured article in this issue. [Read more]  [Read more]

McCaffrey Launches ‘Context Ad Generator’

Gary McCaffrey has launched “Context Ad Generator”, a software to dynamically transform keywords into affiliate links. McCaffrey is offering it free for a limited time. [Read more]  [Read more]

Robson Releases ‘The Newbie Club Insider’ Issue 275

Joe Robson has released “The Newbie Club Insider” issue 275. This issue has two tutorials on video cards inside PCs. [Read more]  [Read more]

‘Project 10 in 90’ Calls Begin

The first call of “Project 10-in-90” is going to be on Wednesday, May 10. The registration for the calls close midnight Tuesday, May 9. [Read more]  [Read more]