ContentSparks Authentic Marketing Strategies

Authentic Marketing Strategies

As we reported, the Authentic Marketing Strategies course was recently released, but the launch sale, with a 66% discount, will end this weekend.

It will help you and your clients respond to the current customer expectations for complete authenticity from the businesses they buy from.

Customers are wary of everything they read online, and well they should be. There is a lot of misinformation (and even deception) on merchant websites.

If you don’t sincerely convey your interest in their welfare, they will hesitate to buy from you.

That’s why you need to be authentic in all your customer interactions.

Authenticity involves being:
➤ Transparent
➤ Honest
➤ True to your values
➤ Personal
➤ Consistent

And, most important, it means being who you really are.

How do you make authenticity the heart of your marketing?

Are there any practical ways to convey it to your visitors?

The new ContentSparks course on Authentic Marketing Strategies helps you get this right. You are licensed to teach your clients (online or offline) how they can be authentic in their own businesses.
Included in this course are both teaching and marketing materials so you can study it, sell it and teach it. The materials include:
➤ Course Book for Students
➤ Action Guide and Worksheets
➤ Slideshow with Speaker Notes
➤ Sales Page Copy
➤ Lead Magnet Funnel
➤ and more.

It is on sale for 66% off during the launch period that ends this weekend, so now is the time to get it, here: Authentic Marketing Strategies.

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