Link building is the backbone of online visibility, boosting website credibility and authority by establishing connections across the web. It enhances search engine rankings and drives organic traffic, amplifying brand reach and fostering trust among users.

Semrush has published ‘Link Building for SEO: A Guide to the Basics’.

Rachel Handley says, “Some backlinks are more valuable for your SEO than others. Some don’t have any effect at all. And ones acquired using spammy practices (sometimes known as toxic backlinks) can be harmful.

Here are the main factors to consider when backlink building:


Generally, the more authoritative the referring (linking) site, the more valuable the backlink.

For example, a backlink from will likely have a much bigger impact on your SEO than one from an unknown blogger.

Semrush measures site authoritativeness with a metric called Authority Score—which is on a scale out of 100. It considers three main factors:

  • Link power: The quality and quantity of backlinks to the site
  • Organic traffic: The estimated number of unpaid search engine visits the site gets each month.”

Link Building for SEO: A Guide to the Basics


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