AI enhances content development by generating engaging text and optimizing it for SEO, ensuring relevance and higher visibility. It also personalizes content, tailoring messages to specific audience preferences, improving user engagement and satisfaction.

Content Marketing Institute has published an article answering the question “Is It OK for Platforms to Train Their AI With Your Content?”.

The CMI team says, “It’s a perfect metaphor for where big technology seems to be headed with your content.

Marketers think, “If my content is here, and your content is here, doesn’t that make this OUR platform?”

And the tech companies say, “You’re absolutely right, Marketer. It is OUR platform.” Then, they proceed to take your content and feed it to their learning models for their generative AI tools.

In the past week, Adobe Creative Cloud customers grew outraged over a new policy that seemed to give it access and rights to any users’ content. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, informed the U.K. and other European users that its new privacy policy allows their information to be used to develop and improve its AI products.

What should marketers make of all this? Should you sit back and watch your content pizza get distributed to the class? Do you even care about sharing it with the class if that’s what is necessary for it to become the best answer given by generative AI?”

Is It OK for Platforms to Train Their AI With Your Content?

Content Marketing Institute

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