Choosing the right social media platforms is essential to reach your target audience effectively and maximize engagement. It’s important to align platform selection with your audience’s preferences and behaviors to ensure your marketing efforts resonate and drive desired outcomes.

The latest Digital Marketing Institute podcast is ‘Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms’.

The DMI team says, “LinkedIn is 20 years old, and it’s never been so popular! In this episode of the DMI podcast, host ⁠Will Francis⁠ chats with ⁠Luan Wise⁠, a long-time LinkedIn user and trainer and all-round social media consultant. They look at how you can use LinkedIn to fit your needs, the best ways to interact, comment and post, how to leverage the company page for employee advocacy, all while taking good care of your own personal brand. We also get Luan’s thoughts on the latest LinkedIn AI tools.”

Digital Marketing Institute

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