Word of mouth marketing leverages satisfied customers’ recommendations and referrals to spread awareness and trust about a product or service, harnessing the power of personal experiences to drive organic growth and loyalty.

Digital Marketing Institute has published ‘A Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing’.

The DMI team says, “Word of mouth marketing is a form of marketing that is shared organically by consumers. It happens when people ‘spread the word’ about a brand or product.

This can be done in several ways and on different channels such as:

Online reviews

The core ingredient of word of mouth marketing, online reviews are how people share their recommendations (and warnings!) about products that they’ve used. Brands need to keep a close eye on these reviews to monitor brand sentiment.

User-generated content

By encouraging consumers to share user-generated-content, or UGC (such as reviews, unboxing videos, or fun uses of the product), brands can foster closer connections with their audiences and build valuable creative relationships. This is also a great way to spread positive word of mouth.”

A Guide to Word of Mouth Marketing

Digital Marketing Institute

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