MarketingProfs has published a new episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast ‘Creating Compelling Experiences With Data + AI for B2B Consumers’ featuring Neha Shah & Ruth Bolster.

George B. Thomas says, “This sponsored episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast, featuring Neha Shah and Ruth Bolster from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, delves into various facets of using data and AI to enhance B2B customer experiences.

The core of their discussion centers on the integration and intelligent utilization of data to forge stronger, more personalized connections with customers.

Here are some select highlights of this episode of Marketing Smarts:

Neha Shah

Neha emphasized the evolving expectations of B2B customers, who now demand better personalization based on the data companies have on them. She highlighted the need for marketers to stitch together customer experiences across different touchpoints, harnessing an array of data types to personalize interactions comprehensively.

Ruth Bolster

Ruth underscored the expansion in the number and variety of applications and data sources used in B2B marketing. She explained that effective personalization hinges on harmonizing the available data, breaking down silos to create a unified view of customer interactions across different platforms and touchpoints.”


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