The Ultimate Content Calendar is today’s MyNams December Deal, available until midnight.

Consistent production of interesting content that is helpful to your readers is at the heart of good marketing. But many of us find it hard to get organized and plan our future content.

That’s why MyNAMS created The Ultimate Content Calendar. It is a set of training and tools that help you get your act together and produce good content on a regular schedule.

When you do, you will find your audience engagement grow and as a result of greater engagement, you will find the audience more responsive to your offers.

It includes:
➤ A textbook
➤ A workbook
➤ Tools Suggestions
➤ An Idea Generator
➤ A calendar template you can use to document your plans

Here are a few of the things you will discover in The Ultimate Content Calendar:
✓ Uncover the keys to being a successful content publisher
✓ Learn how to make more money from your content today
✓ Steal the secrets that the pros have been hiding from you
✓ Destroy the patterns that don’t yield the results you want
✓ Uncover they type of content your audience wants
✓ Complete a social media audit to make the most of your time online
✓ Discover how to create content buckets to make planning easy
✓ Find out which platforms work best on what content frequency
✓ How to make sure people find your content with keywords

Get your copy here while you can (gone at midnight): The Ultimate Content Calendar.

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