Every December, there’s a new NAMS December Deals promotion, featuring a new sale on one of the MyNAMS products each day. The sale changes every day (except weekends). This year they are going all out since this is David’s last year. He is retiring and his daughter Jenn is taking over the business. (Actually, he has been semi-retired for a year; this is the last promotion he is leading.)

David has one of the best reputations in the IM niche, and his training products have been a big help to a lot of new marketers.

The NAMS December Deals are not just discounts; they’re a vault of wisdom waiting to be unlocked, offering a wealth of knowledge spanning 68 actionable training systems with their “Lifetime Profit Planners.”

Here are some examples of what this month of special sales has in store:

➤ For the savvy email marketers, imagine boosting your campaigns with a treasure trove of over 850 pre-written emails through “Affiliate Swipe Profits Vol 3.” This package is a game-changer for those who want to leave their mark on more than 160 popular online business products.

➤ Affiliate marketing can be a labyrinth, but with their 8-module masterclass “How To Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing,” you’re equipped to navigate it swiftly and profitably. Meanwhile, “Create Bonus Products That Don’t Suck” offers unique training to skyrocket your sales conversions by adding irresistible quality bonuses.

➤ List building is the backbone of online marketing, and with “Evergreen List Building Secrets,” you’re privy to techniques from two experts who’ve mastered the craft. And if you’re aiming for that illustrious revenue milestone, “Six Figure Momentum” provides over 70 step-by-step deep-dive training sessions on specific topics to help you get there.

➤ What about product creation? “How To Create A Product On Warrior Plus” is a specialized training that guides you through setting up your product on the WarriorPlus platform, and “How To Build A Sales Funnel With Tools You Already Own” empowers you to utilize your existing toolkit to its fullest potential.

➤ Sales are about conversion, and “Conversion Secrets” gives you those little-known tips and tricks to increase your sales fast. And when it comes to building a list, “Create A Low-Cost Buyers List” isn’t just advice—it’s a demonstration and case study that shows you exactly how to focus on a highly engaging buyers’ list.

➤ Storytelling isn’t just an art; it’s a powerful business tool. Learn to monetize your life’s stories with “How to Monetize Your Life with StoryTelling!” using a 7-step process. And for those looking to expedite their sales funnel creation, “Sales Funnel Leverage” offers insights on how to create sales funnels fast.

➤ Content is king, and with the “Ultimate Content Calendar,” you have the best tool to plan your content strategically. Are you into productizing your knowledge? “Opt-In Funnel Creation” breaks down how to turn low-cost PLR packages into six-figure income streams.

➤ Email marketing is an art that requires finesse, and “Email Autoresponder Magic” is your guide to using an autoresponder to create sustainable income effectively. Engage your prospects with “Simple Quiz Engine,” learning to deliver the right solution to the right problem through targeted conversations.

➤ For those eager to kickstart their business, the “Fast Business Start-Up Workshop Course” is an 8-module masterclass that propels you to create an online business income stream fast. And if membership sites are your calling, “Membership Profits Checklists” provides 20 essential checklists to create a profitable site.

➤ Lastly, “Smart Pop-Up Sales Machine” reveals how to use pop-ups effectively to achieve highly converting sales in a live training session.

Each of these products is crafted to address the specific needs and pain points of entrepreneurs like you, looking to make your mark in the digital world. And with MyNAMS December Deals 2023, these invaluable resources are within your reach at a fraction of the normal cost.

Don’t let another year pass by wishing you had the right tools and knowledge to advance your business. Make this December the turning point.

Remember that (except for weekends), the product on sale changes daily, so you will want to visit their sale page daily.

Visit MyNAMS December Deals 2023 to unlock the full potential of your online business. The time is now, and the opportunity is yours for the taking.

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