Content Sparks has just released Online Course Content Planner and it is on introductory sale through Wednesday for only $27.

As with their other products, it is content you can teach, besides learning from it yourself, although it’s not one of their comprehensive course packages (e.g., no PowerPoint slides are included).

Online courses are popular ways to learn. Just think of the popularity of : Udemy, just to mention one example.

There are at least four ways you can use this in your business:
1. Use it as the blueprint for planning and creating courses of your own
2. Sell it to other people wanting to create online courses
3. Use it as the core information to which you add additional content to build your own unique training product.
4. Finally, this can be the foundation for a course you can teach to people who want to be course creators. Teach your course live or record it and teach it on Udemy, Teachable, etc.

Not all online courses are a success. Online Course Content Planner can make the difference between success and failure for both your own online courses and those of your students.

This 90-page, comprehensive planner simplifies the process by walking through the 7 critical steps of course creation:

Step 1: Research Your Topic Ideas – to ensure they resonate with your target audience.
Step 2: Nail Who Your Course Is For – so you can tailor content that speaks directly to their needs.
Step 3: Choose Your Topic – to align with your passion, expertise, and audience demand.
Step 4: Plan Your Course Design – in a way that facilitates learning and retention.
Step 5: Create Your Content – so that it appeals to different learning styles.
Step 6: Create Engaging, Interactive Activities – that transform passive listeners into active participants.
Step 7: Pick Your Delivery Methods – to maximize reach, impact, and a user-friendly experience.

Now, you can have a systematic approach to course creation that will save you time and assure you create high quality courses.

Through Wednesday midnight, you can save $40 off the normal investment to get this PLR-level course planner. Get it here : Online Course Content Planner.

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