The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint

The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint, according to its authors (Joshua Zamora and Tony Mancuso), is a roadmap to 20k/m with 5-page niche site.

This could be a game-changer or struggling online marketers. How hard can it be to create a 5-page site?

We have been watching this niche for a long time. Would you agree that it’s been a while since someone released a real and reliable roadmap to making passive income with simple niche sites?

People have been enchanted by the power of AI, but sometimes the older, simper approach to marketing works just as well.

There’s an old-fashioned way that is still one of the most powerful ways to create a passive online income: quickly ranking simple niche sites.

And today, at 11 AM (NY time)Tony Mancuso is holding a webinar to introduce how he passively averages over $22,744 per month from simple 5-page affiliate niche sites. (If you click the link after the webinar, it will take you to a recorded deo.)

Over the last 18 months, he’s been doing some extensive testing to perfect and systemize his entire process so that anyone can copy it regardless of experience, times constraints, or even budget size.

In fact, during this testing phase, he came across one of his simplest and most profitable strategies yet.

If you can follow a simple 5-step blueprint, you can be on your way to a record 2024.

👉🏼 Short on time? See the real Proof here: The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint.

What makes this approach unique and different?

First, his entire process is based around Low-Competition Strategies, which assures that he gets his first commission within 3 weeks of a new site going live.

Second, he also uses a unique monetization strategy that has much less competition than most of the “Popular” affiliate programs which again allows for faster results..

Third, he also goes local with his targeting which lowers the competition even more.

Fourth. his strategies have also allowed him to sell his sites for multiple 6-figures. He has one on sale right now for over $750k (He received an offer of $723k and rejected it.)

So in Summary…

This entire strategy is built so that you have the highest probability of getting results with this localized, low-competition affiliate marketing blueprint.

And it comes with a real case study included, showing how it works effectively.

Besides the basic version of this blue print there are bonuses, provided to us by the creators, that make it more effective. See them here: The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bonuses.

This sounds like it is worth looking into. Learn more here: The 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint.

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