Keyword cannibalization is an SEO issue that occurs when multiple pages on a website target the same keyword(s). This can confuse search engines and result in lower search engine rankings.

The latest The SERP’s Up SEO podcast episode is titled ‘What’s the real deal with keyword cannibalization’.

The WIX SEO Hub team says, “Keyword cannibalization: we all know it’s bad, but what is it really? What impact does it have? How do you fix it?

We give some helpful tips to figure out if your site is cannibalizing itself on the Google SERP, and what (if anything) you can do to prevent it. Wix’s very own Mordy Oberstien and Crystal Carter help you discover if ranking on the same SERP with multiple pages will dilute your rankings and what you can do about it.

Senior SEO Strategist and Co-Founder at forank, Zoe Ashbridge, also weighs in with her own experiences and creative solutions to dealing with keyword cannibalization.”

What’s the real deal with keyword cannibalization

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