Secrets of Success Training


Russell Brunson, author of several top books on marketing, is looking for affiliates for Secrets of Success, his new training program that launches next week.

If you want to be a successful marketer (or be successful in other areas of your life, for that matter) you don’t need to (and should not) start from scratch. That would be a classic example of reinventing the wheel.

Secrets of Success have been studied for over 200 years by marketing and business experts. They have studied successful people, successful projects, and successful companies to see what contribute to their success.

Brunson will share this research in his new Secrets of Success training.

You can be a part of this launch, helping Brunson get the word out and earning a commission whenever someone you invite decides to participate. For the next few days, until he actually launches this new training, he is accepting requests to join his team as an affiliate.

The especially valuable part of this affiliate opportunity is that this is not a “one and done” opportunity. He will be offering additional training after the first round. As long as your invitees continue buying more training, you will continue earning a commission.

These “residual” commissions come to you without additional work. Your customers are forever tied to your account. You don’t have to invite them to get the additional training as it becomes available. Brunson will do that and will pay you a commission whenever one of your customers buys another package.

But the time is short to sign up. Do it now: Secrets of Success Affiliate Opportunity.

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