AI Autobots

Did you know that about 10,000 new websites are created every hour?

AI AutoBots solves a problem every one of these online marketers has.

By the time you finish reading this the Internet would have hundreds of new websites.

All these websites and website owners could use your help solving a big problem.

Bringing Traffic to a website is a big challenge in itself, of course. However, making them stay, answering their questions, and converting them into Buyers is even more difficult.

That’s where you can help out. Most websites are losing their hard-earned traffic because they are not available for their prospects and customers 24 x 7. (We feel their pain; we can’t stay awake that long either.)

You can help businesses close this support gap by making them available for their customers 24 x 7 without a human actually having to be around.

You can set up AI AutoBots for these businesses, robots that will work 24 x 7 Tirelessly. And they can help your on business, too.

​Check out the demo of this app and see how you can set up AI-driven robots for any business in minutes​: AI AutoBots Demo

With AI AutoBots Pro, you can help Businesses:
➤ Create 24 X 7 Sales AutoBots
➤ Create 24 X 7 Customer Support AutoBot
➤ Create 24 X 7 on-boarding & employee support AutoBots
➤ Manage multiple queries from multiple customers at the same time
➤ Generate leads and even add them to their AutoResponder
➤ Engage with their Audience and get to know them better with detailed Analytics
➤ Automate all the Sales & Customer Support tasks and help Businesses focus their energy on productive tasks
➤ Get Bots to answer / chat by training them in any language of your choice

There are about 14 Million Ecom sites just in the US and AutoBots are a great fit for Ecommerce stores.

You could just focus on selling AutoBots to Ecom store owners and that by itself will be a huge market.

But the market is far bigger than that. You can serve any business with a website and that is almost every business in the world.

On Fiverr, people are charging $250-$500 for these AutoBots or sometimes even way more.

With AI AutoBots Pro, you can offer these services to any business and charge what you think will work best.

All you need to do is:
➤ Create your campaign and Select your Data Source
➤ Customize your AI AutoBot
➤ Embed anywhere you want & start building your business with robots doing the work.

In less than a minute, according to the creators, you can have your own fully trained, intelligent bot ready to roll…

This AutoBot can be sitting as a Widget on any Website or it can be even embedded on any page.

Creating AutoBots is relatively a new service and it is the best time to get in on the ground floor offering them.

When businesses get to know the benefits of AutoBots and the increase in sales and leads they can provide, they will want an AutoBot for their website.

Being one of the first few people to offer this service will be of a massive advantage to you. And you can use your bot skis to improve your own sites, too.

Only for a limited time you get the Commercial & Agency rights included with this app.

These robots you build aren’t toys. They can do real good for real businesses. And the system that creates then can make it easy for you:
✅ Organize your AutoBot Campaigns under Workspaces
✅ Create Multiple Campaigns under each workspace; Train the AI using URL
✅ Ability to Train the AutoBot using Multiple URLs
✅ Train the AI using Text
✅ Train the AI using a File
✅ Ability to Train using Multiple Files
✅ Train the AI using a list of Q & A’s
✅ Use a combination of Sources to Train the AI
✅ Embed the AutoBot on ANY Page or even multiple pages
✅ Add the AutoBot as a widget on ANY Page or even multiple pages
✅ Ability to Restrict the Domains on which the AutoBot will work
✅ Customize the AutoBot
✅ Set Welcome Message on Bot
✅ Collect Leads (1000 ID’s)
✅ AutoResponder Integration
✅ Set Email Notifications
✅ Set up Pre-filled Questions
✅ Ability to handle multiple conversations
✅ Ability to Train Bots in ANY Language of your Choice
✅ Ability to Train the same Bot in Multiple Languages
✅ Store Response History
✅ Ability to Update the AI anytime
✅ Time-based Chat Initiation
✅ Complete Visitor Analytics
✅ DFY AutoBot Templates
✅ Personalized Conversations
✅ Right to Left (RTL) Text
✅ Localize the AutoBots
✅ Commercial Rights
✅ Ability to add client accounts & Agency Rights

And all these features are packed inside one Dashboard, providing simplicity in learning and using it.

​Grab your copy here before the price goes up and make this yours & start profiting: AI AutoBots Pro.

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