A data flow diagram (DFD) is a visual representation of the information flow through a process or system.

HubSpot has published ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Data Flow Diagrams‘.

Clifford Chi says, “DFDs are visual representations that can help almost anyone grasp a system‘s or process’ logic and functions. Aside from being accessible, they provide much-needed clarity and improve productivity. Here’s how.


Because visual information is easier to digest, DFDs typically explain complex concepts better than blocks of text can.

Visual presentations of how a process works can also hold people’s attention longer — making it easier to retain the information.


DFDs clarify the systems and processes necessary for your team to do their best work. Whether implementing a new company-wide system or refining a department’s existing process, a DFD gets you and your team on the same page.

Creating DFDs will give you clarity about business operations, too. A clearer understanding enables you to refine and track your business processes with less friction.”

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Flow Diagrams

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