Rebranding Course PLTRebranding a business or product can be a painful (even disastrous, process if it isn’t done carefully and strategically. Think “New Coke.”)

But with this ContentSparks course on rebranding, you can:
1. Navigate the rebranding process for your own business successfully, avoiding the traps many business owners fall into when they attempt a rebrand.
2. Because you get PLR rights to this course, teach it to others. Guide your audience (either live in-person or online (or both) on a successful rebranding path.

The Rebranding PLR course comes with everything you need to deliver your own course. And it’s all step-by-step, practical, actionable, and easy to teach. You get a kit of tools (containing student materials, instructor materials, and lead generation materials) that will take you from start to finish in the whole process.

Here are the “modules” (aka “sessions” when you are actually teaching) on your course:
Module 1 – How to Evaluate Your Current Brand: Does it really need to be changed?
Module 2 – How to Set Goals to Guide Your Rebranding Process
Module 3 – How to Identify the Elements of Your New Brand Identity
Module 4 – How to Create Your Rebranding Checklist
Module 5 – How to Launch Your New Brand
Module 6 – Conclusion and Next Steps

Plus, ContentSparks created a special bonus package for people who purchase their license during this 50% off sale.
Bonus 1: Rebranding Launch Calendar
Bonus 2: Ideas for Promoting & Celebrating Your New Brand (Use it yourself and give it to your students.)
Spotlight Bonus: Guide to Designing Your Logo

There’s also an optional Upgrade Pack (with quizzes, sales copy, and more Canva templates) and some other recommendations.

Check out the details of what’s in the course here: Rebranding PLR

This 50% off sale is only running through Monday, July 24th, midnight PDT, so time is short. Don’t delay. Get your copy: Rebranding PLR.

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