If you reach out to the website you refer to as a source, you can easily turn editorial links into relationship-based links.

Ahrefs contributor Irina Maltseva has published an article explaining relationship-based link-building.

She says, “Relationships impact how people make decisions.

For example, ask to borrow $100 from a random person on the street and they’ll surely say no. Ask a friend who knows and trusts you, however, and they’ll be more likely to say yes.

It’s the same with link building. You can’t just “cold email” editors asking for a backlink unless they know you well or you offer to provide something valuable to them in return.

Here are a few more ways relationships can help in link-building:

1. Stand out in prospects’ inboxes

The inboxes of your prospects are full of spam and cold emails. And there is an apparent prioritization when it comes to answering business emails.

First, they answer their colleagues and business partners. Then they answer less urgent emails from the people they know. Only after that do they decide whether to respond to the cold emails left in the inbox. People are normally picky about who to respond to, considering they receive tons of emails.”

Relationship-Based Link Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links


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