Artificial intelligence technology is changing the way businesses are reaching out to their audience. AI tools are playing a crucial role in marketing automation.

HubSpot contributor Erica Santiago has published an article explaining AI marketing automation.

She says, “AI-powered marketing automation can streamline marketing processes. This gives marketers the time and space to focus on other aspects of their job — such as brainstorming and strategizing.

AI marketing automation also makes sending personalized content to customers easier, thanks to data and algorithms. Other benefits include cost efficiency and optimization of ROI.

Automating repetitive tasks can save money. For example, using AI chatbots to communicate with customers would eliminate the need for human customer service agents, which can save costs over time.

And companies that implement AI in marketing see an average increase in ROI of up to 30%, according to a study by Accenture.”

AI Marketing Automation: What Marketers Need to Know


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