ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022. It is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

Search Engine Journal contributor Olga Zarr has published an article featuring 22 of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions to maximize the benefits of ChatGPT.

She says, “Explore the 22 best Chrome extensions designed to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities.

1. ChatGPT For Google


ChatGPT for GoogleScreenshot from search for [technical seo audit], Google, April 2023

ChatGPT for Google showcases ChatGPT’s replies right next to search results from popular engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

You can chat with ChatGPT about the query and receive answers.”

22 Of The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Try

Search Engine Journal

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