MarketingProfs has published a new episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast ‘Why B2B Marketers Need to ‘Prove It’ With a Trust-Building Content Strategy’ featuring Melanie Deziel.

George B. Thomas says, “You can’t make a scientific claim without testing and proving your hypothesis. You can’t write a research paper without using and listing sources. So why should marketers expect blind acceptance that the claims they make in marketing content are true?

Melanie points out three major ways.

Corroboration: “That means relying on other people’s opinions—that’s the quotes, the testimonials, the case studies, the expert opinions. Bring in other voices to agree with what you’re saying.”

Demonstration: “Look for ways to show it. Like in [an] infomercial, show them instead of just telling them. How can you let them see it with their own eyes? Give them the full product walk through, the tutorial, the behind the scenes, the in-depth case study.”

Education: “A lot of times, our audience can’t believe our claims because they don’t understand them.”

Why B2B Marketers Need to ‘Prove It’ With a Trust-Building Content Strategy


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