1. You haven’t grabbed your copy of Newbie Affiliate Secrets yet,
2. You want to get a proven, step-by-step system going, and
3. You want to not waste your hard-earned cash,
Then, don’t delay. Get your copy now because the cost is doubling this weekend.

Stuart Stirling has been an affiliate marketer for a long time. We first ran into him 17 years ago, and he was already mentoring people at that time. He knows his stuff.

He says that Newbie Affiliate Secrets is a system you, no matter what level of experience you have, can learn. And at this special launch price, just $9.95, you can afford it.

​In this training, he shares the processes he uses to regularly and repeatedly make affiliate sales.

Don’t be fooled by the low price. Stirling has poured his experience, his wisdom, and his tricks of the trade into this training.

​In Newbie Affiliate Secrets, you will discover how a successful affiliate marketer thinks and how you can take the same approach. Here are some of the topics he shares:

  • This is the #1 most important thing to remember when doing all your marketing. Plus, learn the one thought trap you must avoid.
  • The secret formula for choosing the perfect niche for you – one that you’ll wake up and be excited about and will be profitable
  • The failproof ‘checklist’ Stirling uses to find products to promote, from Clickbank and other affiliate sites, to ensure he is choosing winners
  • How to register a domain name and set up a professional email address, (e.g. [email protected] ) so you look like a professional business from Day 1
  • The best free email marketing autoresponder for affiliate marketing and how to set it up to build your list
  • How to create an ugly, super-simple, but high-response squeeze page website in 10 minutes or less using a free landing page builder
  • Exactly what to write on your squeeze page for maximum conversions without needing to be a master copywriter
  • The biggest mistake affiliates make when trying to make money with email marketing and how to avoid it
  • 7 things you must know before you write any emails for your follow-up sequence
  • How to create an email sequence without writing a word yourself (and no, it’s not using PLR)
  • The most effective, free, beginner-friendly Set ‘n’ Forget traffic generation method you’ve ever seen. You may have never even heard about it.

If you need help with your affiliate marketing, Newbie Affiliate Secrets can get you started today, going down the right path to a successful business.

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