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Friday, February 23, 2024

Use your marketing budget and AI to make your customers’ lives more fun [Podcast]

MarketingSherpa has published the latest episode of the How I Made It in Marketing podcast ‘Content & Communications: Use your marketing budget and AI to make your customers’ lives more fun and interesting’ featuring Stacie Grissom. Daniel Burstein says, “Get ideas for public relations, social media, contests, hiring creative talent, and more by listening to episode #51 of the How I Made It In Marketing podcast. I had a fun conversation with Stacie Grissom, Director of Content & Communications, BARK. Listen now to hear Grissom discuss turning viral moments into PR sprints,... [...]

10 Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing the mobile version of a website to drive organic traffic from search engines. Ahrefs contributor Jamie Grant has published an article featuring 10 tips to make your website mobile-friendly. He says, “Here are my top 10 tips to ensure you effectively optimize for mobile. Tip 1. Use responsive design When it comes to picking your approach to serving content to different devices, you have a few options to choose from. Responsive design (recommended) With responsive design, you serve the same HTML file regardless of the device. CSS then alters the rendering... [...]

How Best Buy embraces AI-powered ads to stay agile and drive growth [Video]

Google Ads has published a new video ‘How Best Buy embraces AI-powered ads to stay agile and drive growth’ explaining how Google Ads empowers businesses. The Google Ads team says, “Best Buy’s purpose is to enrich lives through technology. By combining its tech expertise with a human touch, the company serves customers across more than 1,000 stores and a comprehensive online experience. As consumer expectations change, Best Buy embraces AI-powered ads to keep pace and drive growth for the future. Learn how broad match keywords and Performance Max campaigns help the brand... [...]

How to Create User-Focused Content That Converts [Video]

By creating content that appeals to your audience, you can increase the chances of conversion and sales. Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘How to Create User-Focused Content That Converts’ to learn how to create user-focused content that converts. Neil says, “The most important part of SEO is providing the most value to the user. At the end of the day, the sites that have the best content, the best experience, the best product, the best service are the ones that are going to win. For example, you can optimize the site however much you want, but if everyone’s searching... [...]

Designing a Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategy [Video]

Ahrefs has launched a new affiliate marketing course on YouTube. The new video lesson is titled ‘Designing a Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategy’. In this lesson, you’ll learn a simple yet effective affiliate marketing strategy for your site. Ahrefs  [...]

Marketing Testing: How marketers tested an email form, product bundle, and advertising channels to increase marketing performance [Case Study]

MarketingSherpa has published a new case study ‘Marketing Testing: How marketers tested an email form, product bundle, and advertising channels to increase marketing performance’. Daniel Burstein says, “The customer is the boss. So when your team is unsure of which strategy to move forward on, let the customer decide. Run a test. To give you ideas for your own tests, in this article we bring you examples from the world’s largest animal health company, a commercial gym equipment manufacturer, and a SaaS company.” Marketing Testing: How marketers tested an email form, product... [...]

CMI Highlights Six Things We Do Wrong with Website Content Optimization

Content optimization is the process of optimizing your content to make sure that it’s more visible through the web. Content Marketing Institute contributor Luca Ramassa has published an article featuring six things we do wrong with website content optimization. He says, “Let’s consider six elements that don’t always get the proper attention. Addressing them will help turn your website into a profitable powerhouse. Mistake 1: Not optimizing for mobile firstThink about these two stats: In 2022, over 92% of global users accessed the internet via mobile phones, and only about 66%... [...]

22 Sales Email Mistakes to Avoid

It is important to stay focused on sending out regular emails to your audience. Well-crafted emails can help you achieve your marketing goals. HubSpot contributor Tristen Taylor has published an article featuring 22 email marketing mistakes that people make. She says, “Writing good sales emails is an art and a science, and good salespeople know how to write professional and personalized messages to prospects. No matter the tone or writing style you choose, your communication should be free of common sales email mistakes. Email Mistakes at Work 1. Sending too many emails. Brand-new reps often... [...]

The State of Social Media in 2023 [Report]

HubSpot has published a new report ‘The State of Social Media in 2023: How You Can Build Communities, Drive Sales, and Go Viral, According to 1,000+ Social Media Managers’. Caroline Forsey says, “Nowadays, social media marketers are inundated daily with information on evolving trends, social platforms that are gaining or losing steam, and new types of content. It can be hard to keep track. As a social media marketer, you might be asking yourself: Which social platform is going to offer me the highest ROI in 2023? When is the best time to post on social? Should I invest in micro-influencers?... [...]

FlipGuardian: Make the best animated flipbooks #ad

FlipGuardian turns an ordinary PDF into an animated e-book, and the reader flips pages by clicking. After you create the flip book, you may give it away, use it as a lead magnet in return for an email address added to your mailing list, or sell it (and there are variations on these themes.) FlipGuardian supports all these options and more. The best way to show you the many ways you can use your flipbooks is to let you see these samples created by Flip Guardian: Ungated Access – Password Protected – Lead... [...]

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