It is your writing that can give an edge to your email marketing. Qualities like accuracy, authenticity, and persuasiveness can help you make your emails more appealing.

HubSpot contributor David Fallarme has published an article sharing 14 pro tips to write better emails.

He says, “This article will provide some tips to help you improve the overall quality of your emails. Once you’ve applied these simple strategies to your writing, you should be able to confidently send emails to anyone and get rid of that post-send anxiety.

Define your email goals.

Writing an email is like creating a meal. Just as a chef needs to carefully select and prepare ingredients to create a delicious dish, you need to carefully choose your words and organize your thoughts to create a clear and effective email.

Before you start writing the email, it might help to define your email goals first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What purpose do you want to achieve with this email?
  • What are the main points you want the reader to understand?”

How to Write an Effective Email: 13 Pro Email Writing Tips


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