The integration of artificial intelligence has made web searches even better. It utilizes various technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to better understand users’ wants.

SEOBook has published an in-depth article on AI-driven search.

The SEOBook team says, “Google came from behind and was eating Yandex’s lunch in search in Russia, particularly by leveraging search default bundling in Android. The Russian antitrust regulator nixed that and when that was nixed, Yandex regained strength. Of course the war in Ukraine has made everything crazy in terms of geopolitics. That’s one reason almost nobody cared about the Yandex data link. And the other reason is few could probably make sense of understanding what all the signals are or how to influence them.

The complexity of search – when it is a big black box which has big swings 3 or 4 times a year – shifts any successful long term online publishers away from being overly focused on information retrieval and ranking algorithms to focus on the other aspects of publishing which will hopefully paper over SEO issues. Signs of a successful & sustainable website include:

  • It remains operational even if a major traffic source goes away.
  • People actively seek it out.
  • If a major traffic source cuts its distribution people notice & expend more effort to seek it out.”

AI-Driven Search

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