Shelley Penney and Tony Earp say that the Monster Media Bundle they created is the biggest collection of original business templates and graphics ever assembled in a single collection.

These graphics and templates are brand new and original. And they are not available anywhere else. That’s important. Don’t make the mistake of using old and overused graphics in your marketing. You won’t impress any viewer. Your message will be “me too”; it won’t inspire buying.

Monster Media Bundle includes nearly 10,000 graphic items:

Content of Monster Media Bundle

Business Toolkits- 500 Templates/Assets

50 Niche Categories- Each Niche/Category includes 10 x Different Sizes. Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Standard Vertical Story, Instagram Landscape, Instagram Portrait, Instagram Square, LinkedIn Post, Pinterest Standard, Twitter Ad, Twitter Post.

Scroll Blockers- 60 templates

with 20 different sizes covering any possible social media or web use. That’s 1200 Scroll blocker templates with 3D animated overlays to create visual content that literally stops people from scrolling by. There is a similar product in the real world that customers happily pay a $199/mo subscription for.

Business Branding Kits

Includes Business Branding Kits in 12 top local biz niches. Graphic sizes for each niche, 11 social media post templates, and 8 social media header templates.

Thumbnails – 1000 Pieces of Quality Content

Explode Your Video Click Through Rate (CTR) and make your videos stand out from the crowd with this brand-new done-for-you solution. All-in-One solution to create stunning pro-quality video thumbnails. Stand out from the crowd and increase your video engagement by up to 154%. Total of 1000 Pro Quality Thumbnail Templates in dozens of top niches and categories. Easy to use and customize using PowerPoint.

YouTube Channel Art – 120 Pieces of Quality Content

Over 100 Awesome YouTube channel art designs in top niches. 120 Pro Quality YouTube Channel Art Templates in tons of top niches and categories in both static and animated versions easily edited in PowerPoint.

Appointment Story Templates – 25 Pieces of Quality Content

These video templates have been created in Powerpoint format so you can edit them and use them over and over to create and sell as many stunning property showcase videos as you want.

Social Ad Kits – 1625+ Pieces of Quality Content

Dozens of top niches in different color schemes. Over 1625 pieces of content and print-ready graphics.

Local Ad Kits – 1,000+ Pieces of Quality Content

Easily edit the text and image and get quality engaging promotional ad designs instantly. Design pro-quality social media channels and promotional ads for your local biz clients in just a few minutes. Choose from over 1000 done-for-you pro-designed templates in 20 top local biz niches.

Christmas Toolkit – 2000+ Pieces of Quality Content

Easily dress up your websites, social media channels, and videos for Christmas for a few cents each using this massive pro quality & done-for-you Christmas marketing package. Your solution to create stunning Christmas marketing campaigns. Top-quality Christmas marketing toolkit to increase your clicks, traffic, and sales. Pro-Designed top-quality marketing kit templates of every kind.

This collection will power your marketing content to new, fresh, and professional heights. Get your copy here: Monster Media Bundle.

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