Blogging is a creative process. You need to craft your blog posts in a way that helps you capture more leads.

Search Engine Land contributor Julia McCoy has published an article featuring 10 steps to write a blog post that wins.

She says, “To give yourself the best chance at writing incredible, results-getting blog posts, make sure you have these preparatory steps handled.

Research your audience

Is your audience already defined for your brand? Good on you – skip to the next step. You already have research and insight into what they want to read and what questions and problems they need answered.

These things are vital. If you instead jump into writing a blog post without understanding who you’re writing for and what they need from your unique expertise, you’re asking for failure. It would be like walking into an auditorium to give a speech without knowing anything about why those people are there and what they expect you to talk about.”

How to write a blog post that wins in 10 steps

Search Engine Land

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