Enterprise SEO tools are made to meet the needs of larger and more complex companies. They typically need to support more users and have controls and permissions for what different user groups can access.

Ahrefs contributor Patrick Stox has published an in-depth article on choosing an Enterprise SEO tool.

He says, “The process for onboarding a new tool is similar for most enterprise companies.

Figure out your needs

What are your goals and your success criteria?

This is likely to be different based on your SEO maturity. You may want visibility into rankings. Or you may have specific goals like increasing the number of keywords ranking in the top three positions or increasing traffic by x% YoY.

Your goals may even be related to the organization, such as bringing SEO in-house or increasing SEO awareness in your organization. Thinking about where your company is in its SEO maturity can help you figure out your needs.”

How to Choose an Enterprise SEO Tool


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