Search forecasting is the practice of predicting what your organic traffic will look like. All good SEO strategies start with hard data.

Search Engine Journal’s Rachel Vandernick has published an article explaining the importance of search forecasting.

She says, “All good SEO strategies start with hard data. That’s ultimately what should be shaping your next move – not best guesses and assumptions.

With data in hand, you’ll be able to predict what search traffic might look like for your business and use this to plan out your upcoming campaigns.

When working on organic traffic predictions, here are a few key details that you should keep in mind.

Focus On The Right Metrics

Beginning with keyword research is really the backbone of any SEO strategy.

You might think you know exactly what search phrases will be most beneficial for your business, but it’s best to set those assumptions aside in a separate column of your spreadsheet and look at the actual data.”

What Is Search Forecasting And Why Is It Important?

Search Engine Journal

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