Copyblogger has published ‘Content Series Guide: Turn One Idea Into a Fascinating 4-Part Story’ on content series, which means a story that evolves over multiple blog posts.

Stefanie Flexman says, “If you produce one piece of content a week, the installments below will give you four weeks of content, but they could also publish four consecutive days in a row or every other day. See what works for you.

Installment #1: Establish your authority

Here’s where you select your content idea.

Let’s pretend you run a health-conscious, organic bakery that serves tasty desserts.

Your customers love your grape jam, so you want to give your blog readers a recipe for grape jam with natural ingredients and no added sugar.

You can start with a basic “how to ___” to generate your idea, and then follow simple SEO for content writers to see how your idea relates to what people search for …”

Content Series Guide: Turn One Idea Into a Fascinating 4-Part Story

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