Digital Marketing Institute contributor Clark Boyd has published an article presenting three scenarios on how Twitter may change.

He says, “We cannot predict what Mr Musk will do next and since Twitter is now a private company, his whims will dictate the course of events. With this in mind, it is sensible to plan for scenarios instead. Depending on which factors are uppermost in Musk’s mind, the following are the most probable future situations for brands.

Scenario 1: Twitter continues on its current path

In this scenario, Musk carries his recent actions to their semi-logical conclusion. Rather than seek to court advertisers for their much-needed short term investment, he decides to rip off the Band-Aid. In this new Twitter, advertising is not the priority and he seeks instead to build a much better product that can attract subscription revenues. By “better product”, we assume that Musk wants engineers to build an open-source platform with few restrictions on content publication.”

How Will Twitter Change: 3 Possible Scenarios

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