Email is one of the most trusted marketing tools. It helps you stay in touch with your prospects and promote the products and services – personally.

AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published an article featuring 20 email marketing tips from successful marketers.

She says, “319+ billion. That’s the estimated total number of business and consumer emails that are sent per day. Talk about steep competition in the inbox.

e reached out to some of the most successful email marketers in the world — many of which are AWeber customers — to get their greatest email marketing tips.

Tip 1: Stop talking about yourself!

Before you tell your customers all about the great features your new product or service offers, take some time to think about what they want. What keeps them up at night? How can you provide a solution and give them valuable information relative to what they need right now? Remember, it’s all about them. Provide interesting benefits in an entertaining way that’s unique to you and your business, and you’ll increase response rates and sales.”

Melanie Rembrandt

Marketer: Melanie Rembrandt, Rembrandt Communications, LLC

Melanie Rembrandt considers email marketing a vital tool to the success of Rembrandt Communications which helps businesses boost sales, awareness and credibility fast via public relations and content strategy.”

The best email marketing tips from today’s top marketers


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