Keyword research involves finding the right phrases people use while searching for information online.

PPCexpo has published an article sharing some useful techniques to find keywords for SEO.

The PPCexpo team says, “Different keywords represent different interest and intent levels. There are keywords that are used by people who are merely surfing around the internet, while people who are closer to making a purchase use other keyword types. As a rule of thumb, you’ve got to focus on keywords that target people who are close to making a buying decision. The goal is to convert them and make sales.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering keyword terms.

Brand Terms:

These keyword categories target people who are already familiar with your brand. Although these keywords don’t generate massive search volume, you can easily convert the people who use brand terms. After all, they are quite familiar with your product or service offering.”

How to Find Keywords for SEO Efficiently?


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