Link building is one of the most efficient ways to grow your website’s credibility. It helps you improve your SEO performance.

Search Engine Land has published an article featuring six link-building myths and truths.

The SEL team says, “Link building is one of the most misunderstood aspects of an effective digital marketing strategy. Being difficult to properly scale, some avoid it altogether while others outsource the work and hope for the best. Getting it right either internally or with a link-building partner can catapult your SEO performance. Still, in doing so, you must avoid these common link-building myths and mistakes to succeed in the long term.

Myth 1: Links must meet a minimum DA or other score in order to pass value.

A common mistake webmasters make is relying on third-party metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Rating, or Citation Flow when deciding on link opportunities.

It’s important to understand what these numbers represent – and what they don’t.

As an example, Domain Authority is Moz’s best guess at a website’s ability to rank itself and has no bearing on a website’s ability to pass link equity to other sites.”

6 link-building myths and truths

Search Engine Land

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