Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar series on ‘Content Marketing Master Class: Manufacturing Edition’ on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

The CMI team says, “Join us on November 30th for CMI’s Content Marketing Master Class: Manufacturing Edition. We’ll tackle how to more effectively market to technical buyers, progress your career and get buy-in from your executive team, and be better equipped to tackle the challenges of marketing in a traditional industry.

Take a look at the 75-minute agenda:

  • 2:00 PM ET: Inside the Mind of the Technical Buyer: Create the Content Your Prospects Actually Want with Wendy Covey and Morgan Norris, TREW Marketing
  • 2:25 PM ET: Roundtable: Tackling the Challenges of Content Marketing in Manufacturing with Wendy Covey, Morgan Norris of TREW Marketing and Adam Kaiser of 6Sense
  • 2:45 PM ET: Earning a Seat at the Exec Table: A Field Guide for Marketers in Traditional Industries with MJ Peters of CoLab.”

Content Marketing Master Class: Manufacturing Edition

Content Marketing Institute

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