Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach current customers. It helps marketers stay close to their customers and promote business and services.

Digital Marketing Institute contributor Dan Hughes has published ‘A Practical Guide to Email Marketing Metrics’.

He says, “Laying a solid foundation for your email marketing analytics strategy will ensure you benefit from continual growth while earning a consistently solid return on investment (ROI). To do so, tracking and measuring these essential email marketing metrics is essential.

Clickthrough Rate

You may be wondering why the first metric summarized in this guide isn’t open rate–isn’t it synonymous with email marketing? Maybe, but look at it this way: would you rather measure the effectiveness of a promoted post on Facebook by how many likes it got, or by how many people clicked through to your website?

Open rates can be a valuable email marketing metric to track if you’re doing A/B testing of subject lines, or comparing the performance of your newsletter on a weekly basis, but if you really want to gauge how recipients are interacting and engaging with each email you send, and whether or not they are converting, then clickthrough is the metric for you.”

A Practical Guide to Email Marketing Metrics

Digital Marketing Institute

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