StoryReel softwareLaunch week for StoryReel is ending this weekend. Last chance for launch pricing.

“Stories” are very popular all around social media sites. Facebook officials say they are passing news feeds in importance.

Stories are like a visual version of Twitter – short content, but based on video. They have become popular on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites.

They give creators the ability to show what’s important to them right now using pictures and videos. With the right software, they are easy to make and are becoming popular.

Because they are short and easy to consume, viewers/followers watch them with much more attention than text messages get. This is exactly why ads are being run as stories now. They connect so much better to users, increasing sales and traffic.

Plus, they have spread beyond social media. Web stories on other websites are now the new form of blogging. And Google ranks them highly, sending tons of free organic traffic to them, which means free leads and sales for your products and services plus also more eyeballs to local/online businesses.

And Stories-style vertical videos help you stand out in the crowded regular video and content universes, resulting in more views and more engagement.

StoryReel was created to make it easy even for non-tech and beginning marketers to create professional stories.

It has many advantages over other approaches. You don’t want to try to create stories manually when StoryReel makes it so much easier.

But the launch is ending, and along with it the special pricing that has been available during the launch. Get your new story software before the launch ends, here: StoryReel.

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