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Friday, February 23, 2024

Launching Successful SEO Campaigns

An SEO campaign is a coordinated attempt to improve a website’s position in search engines. contributor Brian Harnish has published an article on how to launch successful SEO campaigns. He says, “When it comes to managing your online marketing efforts, there are many different types of campaigns to consider. Some are short term, while others could span months or even years. There are paid campaigns, organic campaigns, and everything in between. You might have a few campaigns running simultaneously, or maybe you’re just starting out. Regardless of what type of campaign you... [...]

The Secret to Getting a 30% Email Open Rate [Video]

Email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers. A good email open rate is directly linked to the success of your email marketing campaigns. In this latest video ‘The Secret to Getting a 30% Email Open Rate’, Neil Patel has shared some useful strategies to achieve a 30% email open rate. He says, “The secret to getting a 30% email open rate. On average, for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can earn $36 according to Constant Contact. And if you are a top performer, for every dollar you spend, you can... [...]

HubSpot Lists 12 Sales Forecasting Software

Sales forecasting software are designed to predict demand for a company’s offerings based on data. These programs utilize historical data and the current sales pipeline to create time-bound sales estimates. HubSpot contributor Tolulope Alabi has published a list of 12 best sales forecasting software in 2022. Alabi says, “The effects of inaccurate forecasts extend far beyond missing sales targets. In reality, these effects ripple throughout an organization in various ways — inventory shortages, poor resource management, inaccurate staffing, and so on. So, the true benefit of sales... [...]

8 Ways to Fuel Your Content Engine with Events, December 7 [Webinar]

Content marketing needs variety. There are several ways and sources to generate content. You can create high-quality, high-performing content with events. Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘8 Ways to Fuel Your Content Engine with Events’ on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 2.00 pm EST. The CMI team says, “Join Mark Kilens (CMO, Airmeet) and Colleen Koslosky (Director, Content and Education, Airmeet) on December 7th as they break it all down and show you how events + content can boost your business. Takeaways: How to create a joint content and events calendar 8 types... [...]

Reminder- The Chatbot Is Dead: It’s Time to Modernize Your Online Experience, December 1 [Webinar]

This is a reminder for a DMD webinar to be held on December 1, 2022.  Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar ‘The Chatbot Is Dead: It’s Time to Modernize Your Online Experience’ on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 1.00 pm EDT. The DMD team says, “This webinar examines old and new models of automating conversations with customers to drive revenue. Topics include: Why today’s buyers are over the chatbot experience What’s new and next in the world of Conversation Automation for Marketing and Sales How to create a seamless, scalable, multichannel customer experience with... [...]

Your Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts

If you post Instagram content when your audience is most active, you can increase the chances of engagement, brand awareness, referral traffic, and conversions. HubSpot contributor Aja Frost has published a comprehensive article on scheduling Instagram posts. She says,  “There are many reasons you should get in the habit of scheduling your Instagram posts. One reason is that it saves valuable time and gives you the opportunity to plan and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy. Think about it — instead of scrambling to post content at the perfect time, you’re able to schedule... [...]

Strategies to Boost Email Marketing Performance

Email is one of the most trusted tools for marketing. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of several businesses. With the right tactics,  you can continue to achieve the best email marketing results. Search Engine Journal contributor Ingrid Adames has published an article featuring 12 email marketing tips. She says, “So, you’re planning your email marketing strategy for your client. Where do you begin? Here are some helpful tips to get you started: Keep your emails short and sweet. People get tired of reading long emails, so keep yours between 60 to 200 words. People love visuals,... [...]

10 Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing refers to engaging audiences who have already interacted with your brand, to encourage them to take the desired action that may interest them, such as conversion. Search Engine Journal contributor Brooke Osmundson has shared 10 remarketing strategies to boost PPC performance. She says, “These three remarketing strategies cover the basics of top-of-funnel marketing and utilize different campaign types to help leverage your RLSAs. 1. Target Users Who Have Engaged With A Video Campaign And Encourage Them To Take Action If you’ve tried YouTube Ads in any form and have struggled... [...]

Can Twitter Become Creator Central? [Video]

Exposure Ninja has published a new podcast episode ‘Can Twitter Become Creator Central?’ discussing whether Twitter can replace YouTube. Tim Cameron says, “Tune in to hear us chat about what’s going on in the marketing world as well as any companies we think are leaving an impact on the marketing industry…for better or for worse. Of course, we’re doing our weekly live website audits tomorrow too. Join Andrea and Freddy as they dive into your websites and advise ways you can increase your traffic, rankings, and conversions.” Exposure... [...]

GMB Snap: Consultant’s ‘Google My Business’ automation tool #ad

Millions of local businesses need to claim their Google business listing. GMB Snap lets you build an ongoing business doing it for them. That’s important for a local business since this GMB listing can bring them a lot more traffic. Businesses with GMB set up rank higher in the search listings than those that don’t. You could probably make a full-time business out of helping brick-and-mortar businesses get their Google listing correctly set up. You can do it all with this new app, and it only takes a few clicks to find and serve your clients. Find the potential client, contact them,... [...]

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