SEO is the backbone of any business today. A well-thought SEO strategy can help you get more and more traffic and win more customers.

Semrush contributor Brian Moseley has published an article on SEO myths that prevail around.

He says, “Two separate websites are not very likely to react exactly the same to a change. An SEO trying to guess one of these has a very tall order, and they usually don’t dedicate hours to investigating the website to give us an accurate guess. Instead, they see our polls as what they truly are—a game.

Bear in mind—This list starts with the highest guess rate, and at the bottom of the list, you will find the test results nobody could predict

10. Adding Emojis to the Meta Description

To open the list, we want to start with a peculiar example. Sure, it has fewer correct guesses than #9, but it stumped our SEO experts and followers in a way that most people didn’t even want to try and guess.

In this poll, 39.4% of people voted that they just wanted to see the results. Out of the remaining crowd, another 40% expected the change to make either a positive or a negative change.”

SEO Myths—10 Times Almost Every SEO Expert Was Wrong


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