Clever Messenger, the chatbot building and marketing suite, has been launched, with special launch-week pricing.

Stefan van der Vlag, the creator, describes it as “The Only Tool Leveraging AI-Powered Conversations. Responsible for Quadrupling Profits, putting Traffic on Steroids & Slashing Ad Costs Dramatically.”

You may agree with him when you see this “Drag ‘n Drop” Chatbot Building & Marketing Suite in action.

It’s loaded with amazing Facebook and Instagram marketing tools that are right at the cutting edge of everything Meta has to offer.

There is way too much included in this deal to list here so check out this page that explains it all: Clever Messenger.

Remember, the clock is ticking. This special offer will not last long.

There are some amazing fast-action bonuses for first movers and you definitely don’t want to miss out on those.

This is before the public SaaS launch. You get a discounted price under the “founders deal” this week, including tons of extras.

Use the code “SPECIAL300” on checkout for a $300 discount on the best plan. (It should be automatically applied, but type it in, if not.)

This tool was created to respond to the problem many marketers have been observing: not seeing any return with Facebook ads.

What’s going wrong?

It’s a bad marketing strategy. You see, everyone has been trying to make a sale on their first interaction with someone clicking on an ad.

These marketers don’t know what the ad is supposed to do: Start a conversation. From your perspective, it would be best to make it an (AI-Powered) conversation.

The ad starts the conversation; the next step is continuing the conversation. That’s where Clever Messenger shines.

Using its many features, you’re able to keep the conversation going from the first impression of the ad all the way down to the sale.

And the conversation keeps going because you’re able to repeatedly get their attention. You now have them in your chatbot so you can always connect with them. That’s important because most people don’t ‘buy’ on first ‘contact’.

Remind them of what they are missing. Clever Messenger can help you send them those reminders or other marketing messages.

It is an easy-to-use drag ‘n drop platform that lets you build your first profitable chatbot in seconds.

Why not check it out for yourself?

It can help turn failing campaigns into profitable ones.

If you are tired of all your FB and IG ads not getting you the results you want, check it out

Clever Messenger helps you make a lasting impression with your FB and IG Ads. By siphoning responders into your chatbot first and having an automated conversation with them.

As a result, your ads deliver way more ROI. Plus you can get easy repeat business because you now have Messenger and Instagram subscribers you can instantly reach.

One more thing: it’s in your every interest to lock unClever Messenger right now. See, when they close this launch down:
• Your lifetime deal will be gone
• Your 30 OFF coupon will be invalid
• Your bonuses and the super bonus will be removed.

After the launch, when they reopen again as a full SaaS – it will be a subscription only.

Savvy as you are, you know that getting this now really is the most logical thing to do. Simply because they have a powerful guarantee in place. It allows you to test-drive everything they have for a full 30 days.

So, in the event you’re not totally happy, not 100 percent delighted, you get everything back transferred right back to your account.

This means if you decide to get in now, you get in RISK FREE by securing the best deal, here: Clever Messenger.

It’s hard to imagine how this guaranteed offer could be improved. The authors invested a lot of time, energy, and expense to bring it up to this level.

By the way, take a look at all the bonuses they are including in this offer. These bonuses really add value to what you are getting.

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