ConvertLead has just been released. The launch pricing on the “founders edition” is only available this week.

You may need it if:
• You pay for leads via social ads (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram).
• You pay for leads via search (Google, Yahoo, etc…).
• You have any type of opt-in on your website.
• You offer free trials.
• Actually, if you are generating leads of any kind.

If you do, automating the funneling of your leads into your sales process can help you.

ConvertLead is a lead management platform that was built for how leads are supposed to be managed.

It is designed to:
✔️ Capture more leads through integration with other tools (e.g., Facebook)
✔️ Track & Nurture More Qualified Leads with notifications, automations, (even text messages and phone calls)
✔️ Convert More Leads because it lets you respond more quickly when they contact you
✔️ Close Leads Faster through all the inter-operating features combined

ConvertLead is a light-weight lead management tool, but it comes packed with useful features, including:
➤ Unlimited campaigns
➤ Unlimited automations (drag & drop builder)
➤ Unlimited integrations (over 3000)
➤ Unlimited agents (scale team with no limits)
➤ Unlimited reminders (boost response time)
➤ Unlimited leads (scale your leads database with no limits)
➤ Call recording (improve performance)
➤ Push notifications (timely alerts)
➤ 2-way text messages (personalized touch)
➤ Conditional actions (if/then automation)
➤ Blind calls (fast auto-dial)
➤ Lightweight CRM
➤ Response time tracking (close more deals)
➤ Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Did you know that…
50% of sales go to the salesperson who responds first?
391% improvement in sales when responding in the first minute after a prospective customer contacts you?

With ConvertLead, you can be right on the spot so you are more likely to make the sale.

Not only will it help you to manage your leads and customers better, it will also save you money replacing other (expensive) tools.

After this week, the creators will be charging their normal monthly/annual subscriptions for access, but currently, it is available for a single payment.

So now is your chance to grab your lifetime account, here: ConvertLead.

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